Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Create google android strace tool

Prerequisite, you already have the cross compiler downloaded from download GNU toolchain site, make sure you select ARM GNU/Linux, and IA32 GNU/Linux.

  1. Download the strace source distribution from SourceForge strace project
  2. Extract the strace package on your linux machine
  3. Set your cross compiler information with command: # export CC=your_cross_compiler_folder/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc
  4. Add your_cross_compiler_folder/bin into your $PATH for path searching
  5. Change your current folder to strace package extract folder, use command: # ./configure -host=arm-linux
  6. You have the Makefile generated, edit it, append -static after CFLAGS variable in Makefile
  7. Compile it with simple command: # make
  8. You have the strace now, verify it with command: # file strace, you shall see "strace: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.6.14, statically linked, not stripped"
Done, you have another powerful tool for your android


Maxwell said...

According guide,I ran my strace on my android emulator shell.However I got a error like this,
# ./strace ./hello
execve("./hello", ["./hello"], [/* 10 vars */]) = 0
syscall: unknown syscall trap 0xe8bd8010.
Could you help me?Thanks

rtm said...

It looks your "hello" can not be executed. Do you have error if you just run "./hello"? How is your hello created? It must be a static linked executable or dynamic linked to bionic libc.

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Sedeeq Al-Khazraji said...

I have a strace command, but when I run it I recive the following message:
PTRACE_SYSCALL doesn't work: Function not implemented

Unknown said...

Thanks, this post solves my problem. But things have changed after this post, so here I pasted my procedures here for the followers:

building strace for android

# download sources
git clone

cd strace

# set compiler info
export COMPILER_PATH=/home/xcy/Android/Sdk/my-android-toolchain
export CC=$COMPILER_PATH/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-gcc

export STRIP=$COMPILER_PATH/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-strip

export CFLAGS="-O2 -static"


# compile

enter the source folder and do following steps,

// use autoconf to generate configure from
xcy@uxcy:~/ws/strace/strace$ autoconf error: possibly undefined macro: AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow.
See the Autoconf documentation. error: possibly undefined macro: AM_MAINTAINER_MODE

xcy@uxcy:~/ws/strace/strace$ ls | grep configure

// generate
xcy@uxcy:~/ws/strace/strace$ ./bootstrap
xcy@uxcy:~/ws/strace/strace$ ls | grep Make

xcy@uxcy:~/ws/strace/strace$ ./configure --host=arm-linux

xcy@uxcy:~/ws/strace/strace$ make

xcy@uxcy:~/ws/strace/strace$ file strace
strace: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, EABI5 version 1 (SYSV), statically linked, not stripped

xcy@uxcy:~/ws/strace/strace$ $STRIP strace
xcy@uxcy:~/ws/strace/strace$ file strace
strace: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, EABI5 version 1 (SYSV), statically linked, stripped