Thursday, June 11, 2009

android memory usage with hprof

Android provides some mechanisms to generate hprof data:
  1. Dalvik VM will dump hprof file within /data/misc folder if SIGUSR1 and/or SIGQUIT signal is received. Manually send SIGUSR1 to process: kill -10 pid.
  2. The android provides monkey tool (random testing tool), with --hprof option will generate hprof file within /data/misc folder.
  3. In cupcake release, a new API has been introduced to generate a dump programmatically, the static method dumpHprofData(String fileName) of the Debug class. Example: Debug.dumpHprofData("xxx.hprof").
Some tips:
  1. The folder /data/misc shall have 777 permissions.
  2. The hprof file format is heap-dump-tm-pid.hprof-head and heap-dump-tm-pid.hprof if android 1.1 release is used.
  3. The hprof file format is heap-dump-tm-pid.hprof if android 1.5 release is used.
  4. If two files are generated, you need to join the two files into one: type heap-dump-tm-pid.hprof-head > dump.hprof; type heap-dump-tm-pid.hprof >> dump.hprof.
  5. Convert the hprof to standard hprof format: hprofconv dump.hprof out_dump.hprof
  6. Use JProfiler, Eclipse MAT, or other tools to open out_dump.hprof. I tried JProfiler and got the same problems as indicated in
Some resources:
  1. Eclipse MAT:
  2. MAT standalone:
  3. Hprofconv:


pravin said...

Wow, It's Very good Post
I was googling from 2-3 days, this is very first post I found telling various ways u can generate Hprof data.
I have Started with 3rd Option first ie: Debug.dumpHprofData("xxx.hprof")
I had also set permissions 777 to /data/misc , but still it says "can't Open xxx.hprof-hptemp : Read-Only file system"
So then I choose 1st Option ie: "kill -10 pid" & It Worked :)
Before all this I was using "Debug.startMethodTracing("scores")
& Debug.stopMethodTracing()" it created trace file in "/sdcard/scores.trace" I tried converting this using "hprof-conv" tool ,it given me error "Error : expecting 1.0.3", Can't I use trace file with hrof-conv tool ?

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