Friday, November 14, 2008

Add a new component into open source Android

The android build system is complicated. It is not easy to create a simple build script to build single component. But it is much easier to add a new component into the build system. Here is a sample to build the "Hello world!" for Android, and it is dynamic linked executable.
  1. create a directory for the new component in $(YOUR_ANDROID)/external folder: $(YOUR_ANDROID)/external/hello
  2. put the hello.c into the directory: $(YOUR_ANDROID)/external/hello/
  3. create in $(YOUR_ANDROID)/external/hello/ directory, the likes the following:
    LOCAL_PATH:=$(call my-dir)
    include $(CLEAR_VARS)
    LOCAL_ARM_MODE := arm
    LOCAL_MODULE := hello
    include $(BUILD_EXECUTABLE)
  4. add the following line into $(BUILD_SYSTEM)/,$(BUILD_SYSTEM) is in $(YOUR_ANDROID)/build/core:
  5. launch the build command in $(YOUR_ANDROID): make hello
you will have the build target hello in $(YOUR_ANDROID)/out/target/product/generic/system/bin.
You can use include $(BUILD_SHARED_LIBRARY) to create shared library. Find more in $(YOUR_ANDROID)/build/core/


Anonymous said...

thanks for the post. i don't understand the following step that you mentioned: (step #4):

"add the following line into $(BUILD_SYSTEM)/,$(BUILD_SYSTEM) is in $(YOUR_ANDROID)/build/core:

My question is that _where in the main.mk_ should i add the line to? :)


rtm said...

Did you find the external/zlib in Append your lines after that.

Naanlu said...

why is that every one suggests that the new modules should be added in external/ folder only.Say i have an file in packages/inputmethods/hello/.How do include this in the build so that my is also included while the complete code is built.

fastzap said...

From what I can tell if you have anywhere in your build tree build/tools/ will find it and include it in the make.

Gary said...

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Rupesh said...

In my /build/core/ file, no entry of extrenal/zlib.
I am using Android source code of version 5.0
The entry of external/zlib in file is upto the Android verion 4.2 .
From version 4.3 and later there is no such a entry in file.
So what to do in that case ?