Friday, October 24, 2008

repo the android opensource via proxy

If you are using proxy, you will get error when run: "repo init -u git://".
Here is a tip to repo via proxy.
To use GIT behind a proxy, have a look at:

Basically the steps are:
1 - sudo apt-get install socket
2 - in your home directory, put a shell script called ""
containing (replace YOUR_PROXY and YOUR_PROXY_PORT with your own proxy
#! /bin/bash
(echo "CONNECT $1:$2 HTTP/1.0"; echo; cat ) | socket YOUR_PROXY
YOUR_PROXY_PORT | (read a; read a; cat )
3 - chmod +x
4 - export GIT_PROXY_COMMAND=/


dil. said...

Where are we giving the proxy passwd?

rtm said...

If you are saying the proxy need username/password authorization, you may give Proxy-Authorization: Basic base64_encode(username:password). Not sure if it will work, but try like this: (echo "CONNECT $1:$2 HTTP/1.0"; echo "Proxy-Authorization: Basic base64-string"; echo; cat) | socket proxy port | (read a; read a; cat)
Replace base64-string with base64 of string "username:password".
As you can see, here socket is used to create a http connection tunnel.

naseer said...

Does nc work instead of socket ?

sasha said...

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